Dec 27 2013

10 Reasons to Visit Your Veterinarian

Check those pearly whites:

Healthy gums and teeth are critical to your cat’s overall health.

Parasitic infection:

Stool samples can detect intestinal infections.

Heart irregularities:

Heart irregularities are not uncommon and can develop in cats of any age. Many heart conditions if discovered in time, are treatable with medication.

Tipping the scale?:

Weight changes are often overlooked by owners. Weight loss can be an indication of thyroid or kidney disease. Weight gain can be dangerous as well. Diabetes and organ damage can happen if the weight gain gets out of control.

Geriatric screenings:

Older cats are truly wise souls to be cherished. You can help preserve your senior’s health with more frequent veterinary visits. Routine blood work will establish baseline values for vital organs and can detect abnormal organ functions.

Annual exams:

Providing your cat with a thorough physical exam by a caring professional increases the chance of early detection of disease.


Yearly vaccinations are important for a cat’s health, especially our furry friends that go outside. You can consult with our veterinarians on which vaccinations to give your cat.


Chronic vomiting is not something to overlook. If your cat is having vomiting episodes that occur more than 3 days in a row or multiple times on the same day, your cat should be seen as soon as possible.

Scratching & itchiness:

If you notice that your cat starts to scratch more than normal or if you feel bumps on the skin it is recommended that your cat be seen. Scratching can indicate allergies of some type, whether it is environmental or diet related and could also be due to fleas or mites.

Inappropriate behavior:

If you notice your cat is not using the litterbox as he or she normally would it is recommended that your cat be seen. The cause of going outside the litterbox may be an indication of an infection. If this is the case, a special diet and medication can help your cat feel better and start to use the box once more.

Spaying & neutering:

The best thing you can do for your cat is to spay and neuter them as soon as possible. Generally early-age altered kittens experience shorter surgery time, fewer complications and reduced recovery time.

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