Dec 27 2013

February is Dental Month

Periodontal disease is more common then you may know. In fact, periodontal disease occurs in 50% of cats over three years old. Your cat may be suffering from this painful disease and you may not know.

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that live in and around the tooth “eating away” at the tooth, gums and attaching tissue. Periodontal disease can cause gingivitis (red, swollen, painful gums) bad breath, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, gum recession and has been linked to feline oral resorptive lesions.

We are recognizing Pet Dental Month by giving you 20% OFF your cat’s Dental Cleaning and Procedure for the WHOLE month of February.

ALL dental cleaning procedures also come with a FREE toothbrush and toothpaste and oral rinse. BONUS FREE CET Oral Home Care Kit filled with FREE CET oral care products for the first 20 cats.

Please call our office today to set up a dental consultation to determine what treatment your kitty needs. Space for dental procedures are limited so please call today to schedule. 734-913-2287.

Discount valid February 1st-28th 2014

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