Apr 16 2016

The Importance of Blood Work

At your cat’s annual exam , the doctors at the Country Cat Clinic will often recommend that your cat have a complete blood work up. Blood work becomes very important especially as your cat ages. You might be thinking, “but why, my cat seems fine.” However, at times there can be issues with your cat that are not seen or felt during the physical exam and that can only be detected through blood work.

The advantages of yearly blood work being performed on your cat is that it establishes baseline levels and allows the veterinarians to see trends over time. Basic blood work is a cost effective way to stay on top of your cat’s health and can reveal much to the veterinarian that a physical examination alone.

There may be an instance where your cat shows no clinical signs but could have early kidney dysfunction, hyperthyroidism or diabetes—diseases that are treatable in most cases. All cats should have blood work performed if there is a possibility of an anesthetic procedure or surgery that needs to be done. This will help to determine the safety of anesthesia or if there is something else more pressing that needs to be handled first.

Thanks to a variety of sophisticated laboratory techniques and equipment, malfunctions of the feline gastrointestinal tract, the liver, the kidneys and other vital organs can be revealed in less than a teaspoon of your cat’s blood. Blood work is recommended on all cats that are of senior age on a yearly basis.


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