Apr 11 2018

The Name Game: Original Ideas for Cat Names

Of course you can call your new arrival “Fluffy.” After all, if you get a kitten, that’s what they are, little puff balls of fur. Later however they could grow into a very different creature, some with sleek, close coats. How about some of these:

A toughie, an adopted alley cat:
Bruiser. Boxer. Tarzan. Hercules.

That rare thing, an uncoordinated cat:

A truly fluffy one:
Duvet. Feather. Whisper. Thistledown. Sleek. Porshe.

Forever playful:
Frolic. Gambol.

The cautious kind:
Spy. Sneak. Spooky.

Clever ones:
Einstein. Smarty Pants.

Black with white paws:
Spats. Debonier. Fred Astair.

Arrogant, over confident:

Unknown heritage:

Enigma. Puzzle.

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