Apr 24 2018

Senior wellness – keep your cats happy in their golden years.

Senior Wellness is a very important goal of the veterinarians at Country Cat Clinic to enhance the length and quality of your cat’s life. We have a special place in our hearts for elderly cats and are devoted to keeping senior cats happy during their golden years.

We advise twice yearly physical exams on all cats who are 10 years old or above, plus appropriate blood work for senior or geriatric cats.

For many senior cats, we recommend a complete blood profile, urinalysis and blood pressure check. These tests give us insight into the health of your cat. Kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis are just some of the ailments frequently seen in our older patients.

With this program, many health problems which are not readily detected in other ways can be caught early on and appropriate steps taken to ensure continued well-being and a longer life for your cat.

Ask the doctor if your cat would benefit from a Senior Cat Work-Up at your next appointment!

Dr. Tina Kaufeld

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