Dec 07 2018

FAQ: Cat Litter Etiquette

Not surprisingly, we get a lot of questions about litter box etiquette in our office, so here’s a list of answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

1. How many boxes should I have?

You should have one box for each cat in the household, plus one additional box.

2. Where should the boxes be located?

Boxes need to be put in several different locations. If you place all the boxes in a row, the cats may perceive them as only one large box.
Place a box on each floor, or at opposite ends of the house.
Keep boxes away from feeding areas.
Boxes should be in quiet, low traffic areas of the house.
Avoid placement near machines that are associated with sudden noises like the washing machine and furnace.
Be sure the cat is able to use the box undisturbed by dogs or small children. A baby gate raised off the floor will allow the cat to slip underneath easily.

3. What type of litter box should I use?

Most cats prefer large, low sided, uncovered boxes.

4. What type of litter?

Most cats prefer fine-grained, unscented, scoop-able litter.
It is best to use unscented litter. Scents and perfumes are added for our convenience, not the cats.
Litter depth is important for some cats. A minimum of 2 inches is a good starting depth.
Avoid liners and perfumed litter additives.

5. How often should I clean the boxes?

Scoop daily. Remember, a dirty litter box is like an un-flushed toilet!!
Ideally, the contents of the box should be dumped weekly and replaced. (Or if economizing, dump the clean contents of one box into the other, and replace the empty box with fresh litter each week. Rotate the boxes each week.)
Wash the boxes with a mild soap, rinse thoroughly whenever replacing litter contents.

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