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    FAQ: Cat Litter Etiquette

    Dec 07 2018

    Not surprisingly, we get a lot of questions about litter box etiquette in our office, so here’s a list of answers to some of those frequently asked questions. 1. How…

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    Holiday Dangers

    Nov 18 2018

    The holidays bring joy and festivities to our lives but can also bring grave dangers to our pets. Below are some of the most common dangers to be aware of.…

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    Make Your Aging Cat More Comfortable

    Nov 12 2018

    Add more bathrooms: Extra litter boxes can help a forgetful elderly cat remember where the toilet is. Go for easy access: Provide litter boxes with at least one low side.…

  • FAQ: Urine House Soiling and What You Can Do

    Oct 23 2018

    Question: My adult cat recently started urinating outside of the litter box! What can I do? Urine house soiling or inappropriate elimination (urination outside of the litter box) should be…

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    Cats are masters at hiding illness

    Oct 18 2018

    Cats are masters at hiding illness.  Although humans have long admired cats for their agility and hunting prowess, domestic cats are also a prey species to larger carnivores.  Due to this need to…

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    10 Reasons to Visit Your Veterinarian

    Sep 10 2018

    Check those pearly whites: Healthy gums and teeth are critical to your cat’s overall health. Parasitic infection: Stool samples can detect intestinal infections. Heart irregularities: Heart irregularities are not uncommon…

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    Zoonotic Diseases

    Aug 25 2018

    Zoonotic Disease: What Can I Catch from my Cat? What is a zoonotic disease? While most feline infectious diseases affect only cats, and most human infectious diseases affect only humans,…

  • How to bring your cat to the Veterinarian

    Aug 12 2018

    It can be downright difficult getting our cats to the vet, however, routine preventive healthcare is essential for your cat to live a long, happy, healthy life. Many cat owners…

  • No such thing as a male calico, right?

    Jul 17 2018

    I’m sure you’ve heard the myth that calico cats are always female, right? I had heard that male calico cats were possible, but had never seen one until last summer.…

  • Senior wellness – keep your cats happy in their golden years.

    Apr 24 2018

    Senior Wellness is a very important goal of the veterinarians at Country Cat Clinic to enhance the length and quality of your cat’s life. We have a special place in…