Virtual Care Appointments

If you are worried about coming in for your appointment, re-check or prescription refill, consider using our online telemedicine/telehealth solution: Airvet. Through the Airvet app, you can connect via your cell phone or iPad with our veterinarians to have a virtual appointment from the comfort of your home. We will be able to answer questions and work with you to determine if your questions and pet’s condition can be addressed through a chat or if it would be better taken care of in person.

Download the AirVet app here

Curbside Appointments

We are also offering Curbside Assistance and drop off appointments to all clients. We will meet you at your car, your pet will be brought into the hospital by a team member, the doctor will do an exam and any questions/conversations will be by phone. Payment for services will be curbside as well and expected after the visit is complete. Please fill out our curbside history form before you arrive for your appointment

Curbside History Form


We continue to monitor the status
of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in and around our community and are
making the best decisions we can to care for our patients while keeping you and
our veterinary team as safe as possible.

We will be starting our curbside
services Monday, March 23rd. We will no longer allow clients into the building except
for euthanasia or emergency appointments on a case-by-case basis.

What To Expect During Your


1) We have an online history form
here (, but please let us know if you prefer us
to email you a link to it so that you may complete prior to your appointment.
It is essential that you have this form completed at the time of your arrival.

2) When arriving for your
appointment, please call us when you arrive in the parking lot. Please be
patient as we try to manage an excessively high call volume. At this time,
please provide us with your car’s make, model, and color so that we can find
you easily.

3) A veterinary assistant or
technician will retrieve your cat and come to your car in protective gear,
discuss your goals for the visit, and bring your cat into the building.  You may either wait in the parking lot, or
come back later in the day to pick up your cat.

It is absolutely necessary for
your cat to be in a carrier. Your pet may be uncertain about what is happening,
and we all need to work together to make sure that no pet escapes from a

4) The doctor will perform an
examination and any pre-authorized procedures or treatments. If additional
conversation is necessary, we will call you.

5) We will return to your car
with your cat along with your medications, preventatives, products, and
discharge instructions.

6) We will obtain payment from
you via phone. As always, we also accept cash or checks.

7) If your cat is fearful,
aggressive, or does not do well without you present, please discuss this with
us at the time of scheduling so that we can discuss options.

Medications, Pet Food, and
Other Products

As noted above, you will not be
allowed to enter the building to retrieve your pet’s medications, food, or
other products.

1) Please call ahead at least 48
hours in advance for all medications, pet food, or products. This will allow us
adequate time to have everything ready for you. We are receiving unusually high
numbers of medication refill requests and have had difficulty keeping up with
the demand. Please be patient with us as we do our best to serve everyone’s

2) When you arrive, call us at
(734) 913-2287. At this time, please provide us with your car’s make, model,
and color so that we can find you easily.

3) We will bring everything to
your car for you.

4) We will obtain payment from
you via phone. As always, we also accept cash or checks.

We also offer a convenient online
store on our website. Visit our website and click on “Shop Online”. For
first-time users, you may enter either AWESOME25 for 25% off your first order.
Items will be billed and shipped to your home. This is an excellent option for
ordering medications and pet food from the safety of your own home.

We ask for your understanding and
patience as we balance caring for your pets and keeping our community safe.
Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page for additional
information as this situation rapidly unfolds. If you have any questions,
please reach out to us via phone (734-913-2287) or email ([email protected]).

Wishing you all good health!


The Doctors and Staff at Country
Cat Clinic