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*** At this time we are only seeing curbside and drop off appointments ***
We are offering curbside appointments with the options of: Phone Call (speakerphone during the exam)
Video Chat via the website (link will be provided) Drop off appointments will be contacted via phone after the exam

Inappropriate Elimination

Please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire. Detailed information will help us find the quickest and best solution for your cat’s inappropriate elimination issues.

Have you recently changed the location of your litter boxes?*

Have you recently replaced any of the litter boxes?*

The litter you use is:*

Do you use litter box liners?*

Have you recently changed litter type or brand?*

Are you using additives in your litter such as baking soda or Cat Attract?*

Does your cat still use the litter box at all?*

If so, for what?*

Does your cat urinate, defecate, or both outside of the litterbox?*

Does your cat:*

Does your cat have a history of arthritis or an injury that prevents a normal position in the litter?*

Has there been any changes in your home such as a new baby/pet, construction, moving, etc…?*

Is your cat's water consumption normal?*

Do you have any aggressive pets that would chase & intimidate your cat, keeping them from the litter box?*

Have you noticed an increase in urine or stool in the litter box?*

Has your cat been having diarrhea?*

Is your cat straining to urinate or crying out while urinating?*

Is your cat straining to defecate or crying out while defecating?*

What best describes your cats lifestyle?*

If your cat goes outside, is he/she supervised while outside?*

Has your cat's lifestyle changed since the inappropriate elimination started?*

Are there any items that your cat would have to travel over/through to get to the litter box?*

Have you noticed any new wildlife or construction near your home?*

Is your cat currently on any medication?*

Additional Information Needed for Appointment:
Please bring a schematic of your home with you for your appointment. Have listed where the windows, doors, litter boxes, pet beds, and feeding stations are
located and the locations where inappropriate elimination is occurring. Please email photos of your litter boxes to us at [email protected] prior to your appointment.
We will see you soon!

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