The Wiley Fund

Wiley was a cat to whom much was given – pedigree, looks, smarts, endless care and attention. The Wiley Fund is established in his memory to give back something to cats whose origins are not so fortunate.

The story of Wiley

He had looks

02 On The Prowl On The Porch01 Golden Eyes





Ability to think in abstractions

– Time  03 At His Post



04 Wiley The Geometer 05 Wiley The Geometer – Geometry





Self awareness  —     Wiley created an alter-ego with his beany-baby lion. He would express what he was thinking about through the lion

07 Wiley & Lion Stay Warm 1

– Lion with Wiley in front of heating vent on cold morning



-Lion’s head in food bowl indicating hunger06 Wiley's Lion Has Dinner 1 resised




08 Wiley Lion Toy 109 Wiley Lion Toy 210 Wiley Lion Toy 311 Wiley Lion Toy 4





Wiley urges the lion to play with the paper toy just like Wiley liked to do. In the first picture, he sets the lion sitting upright on the floor with the toy at a short distance.Then he sits there watching and waiting for the lion to get the idea and start playing. Then he pushes the toy right up to the lion, further encouraging him. Finally, when the lion refuses to do anything, Wiley gets in his face, apparently informing him that Wiley doesn’t think he is very bright.